School and Early Years Services

Are you looking to develop the speech, language and communication expertise within your school or nursery?

Are you seeking support for groups of children within your setting?

We offer schools and nurseries a comprehensive range of cost-effective, accredited training packages and workshops tailored to the need of each individual setting.


  • Inset training.
  • Accredited training and workshops.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Advice and training for the development of whole school approaches.


  • Consultation, advice and guidance.
  • Support setting up communication friendly classrooms.
  • Implementation of care plans; differentiated curriculum delivery or related issues.
  • Supporting Neurodivergent children and young people in your setting.


  • Small group or individual intervention for children and young people in your setting.
  • Collaborative coaching/intervention with staff and parents.
Contact us for a no obligation discussion to talk about your own individual requirements - we would be happy to help!